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Mibe Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a limited liability company.

Our core business is market research and promotion of prescription and non-prescription drugs and dietary supplements with the goal of allowing access to information about our products, and thereby further improve the health of patients and the overall community.

Our mission is to achieve a significant contribution to health improvement through high-quality pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements that serve patients and customers and bring real value to society at large.

The company was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Ludbreg and office in Zagreb.

Mibe Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a member of the German pharmaceutical group Dermapharm AG, whose business is based on the production and distribution of a wide portfolio of high-quality medicines, health products and dietary supplements.

This way, Mibe Pharmaceuticals is included in the system of a Pan-European company, which has its own laboratory for the development and production facilities for a wide range of high-quality medicines, health products and dietary supplements. Such cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience allows us to continually expand our product range and create new products of reliable quality and proven effectiveness.


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